fancycolors is owned and operated by Diane Wallace.  Always on the lookout for unique, colorful and fun items, I like to think of fancycolors as an eclectic mix.

I have an ebay store, a facebook page and shop, sell goods on Amazon and Etsy and have a space in an antique mall.

On my buying trips I try to find interesting items for the home or apartment, vintage finds as well as new goodies.    My only criteria is that the item is colorful and fun!

In addition, reclaiming old chairs, tables, stands, dressers, etc. and bringing new life to them is my new challenge.  I love to paint, distress, antique and try new paints and techniques.  I also have a love of old knobs and pulls and like to incorporate them into my projects.

Take a look around my site, click on links to my facebook page and ebay store.  Type me out a question or comment on the contact page.

And thank you for stopping by fancycolors!